The Locket

from by John Hatanaka

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A girl sat in the grass in a long white skirt
Ringing a flower around her fingers
She traveled lands far and wide
Letting the images paint pictures on her skin
Of places
Of places
Of places she had been


She told me of the story of an older man
Walking down the street in Pakistan
Flying a flag on a cinder night
Flames licking cold colored tides
Tears going where they shouldn’t go
People knowing what they shouldn’t know
She didn’t smile
She didn’t frown
Held the face of an experienced gal
As her hair flowed with the cold road
As they drove along the coal coast
He was a fireman she left it at the that
They made love under golden rats
Painted on the ceiling of a hotel room
Overlooking a draining moon


And she smiled in the night
She smiled with her eyes
As she remembered her possible demise


There she was in a field of grass
And as I saw her I had to laugh
How you could you be somewhere so different
Then the story that I just listened?
She said soon she forget pleasure and pain
And with that she found her place
Under rocks in a old pool

Where she planned to end her song soon
A swoon came flying high in the sky
So beautiful she cried with a thousand eyes
Contained in the folds that no one saw
She picked up a locket from Wichita
Wore it on her finger
Held it up high
Reflecting in the water in pool lit light
It shone like a diamond tide
Cast on the sea right before the dark
The dark
The dark
The dark
Right before the dark


There she sat on the grass
And she told me about the blasts
Woke her in her bedroom
Looking over soldiers lead sticks
She grabbed the locket around her neck
Hoping for life in that sec
Took it downstairs before them
Showed it like a beacon of soul dust


This is my life
Here it is
Oil isn’t blood
Only one’s a gift
So you make the choice right now
Before I throw this here on the ground


They paused their eyes looked gold
Doing what they were told
She took the piece threw it to the ground
Fire rose like a millions suns
Lit the oil around them on fire
Everything burned all around her
The back liquid stretched to the sea
Hit the water sent up flames


She said
She said
Why do you fight
Why do you cry
Follow orders with a blind eye
Repeat history in a matter of hours
Don’t take time to smell the flowers
We can’t keep at this war
All because of this liquid gold
You name your bullets religion
Yet you know the real reason

They lay their guns to the ground
Kneeled to her sound
In the black peace was found

And she smiled in the night
She smiled with her eyes

Oh she smiled in the night
She smiled with her eyes

As she remembered her possible demise


from Eye Inside, released February 13, 2015



all rights reserved


John Hatanaka Aspen, Colorado

John Hatanaka has been a songwriter and performer for 15 years. Being born in the mountains of Aspen, Colorado and seeking songs in the flames of campfires he has written many songs and has shared them with diverse audiences. He has traveled and played his music in Australia and Japan as well.

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