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You were waiting for the time where you could speak your direction clearly

You were seeing where you were going before you went there

Traveled roads are the same if you look at them differently

Words come like the whisper of smoke from a flint

Watch the rocks, burn the sage, feel with time, where you wanna go

You can hold your dimension clearly now with the intent of a sure fellow

Take your time, watch your soul, step slowly, with what you wanna know

You can watch your way before you actually make your decision now

There’s nothing wrong

Nothing right

Only the feeling that you had tonight

So take that feeling and see where it goes

There’s no final way you have to go

Draw your picture

I was taking one side running before I got to the runway

I was seeing where I went before I arrived

Illusions net is just calling you before you solve yourself is what some say

Fear is the simple call of your soul

Seeing signs, hold the line, filled to rise, right where you wanna go

Just staring where your cards are in play right where you never wanna go

You can play them right, play them wrong, it’s only your mind that makes

You see what scale you’re on

It’s all in how you see through

Based on a million projections of how you see the song

What will it take for your need to belong?

Swim with the river

Swim with the river

いつも 体験 が 全然 わからない ね

たくさん が 見える でも どんどん 知らない

世界 が 起き でも 本当に 小さい 

毎日 起きたら もうかい 頑張る

頭 の 中 で たくさん が 考える

どうして 一杯 来て

どこ から  来た から かな

地球 が 多い できたら でも 自分 の 中 で もと

多い に なる 

Swim with the river

Swim with the river

You were always seeing where the salt is in the river

You were always feeling where the salt is in the sea

Riding with the waves seems the way you have to be

And yet sometimes you fight it to see

You will see what you will see

You can do it for the formula in your eyes

You can do it for the one that you rise for

Seeing where you want to plant your seed to grow

Light the candle inside your heart

Ignite the flame and see what starts

Burn down a whole room, take everything down to the level of The forest

In your eyes

Down to the forest in your eye

What you will realize

What will be your





You will see what your face meant

You will sew what you'll sew

And you'll know what you know

Swim with the river

Swim with the river

Swim with the river


from Eye Inside, released February 13, 2015



all rights reserved


John Hatanaka Aspen, Colorado

John Hatanaka has been a songwriter and performer for 15 years. Being born in the mountains of Aspen, Colorado and seeking songs in the flames of campfires he has written many songs and has shared them with diverse audiences. He has traveled and played his music in Australia and Japan as well.

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