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It's so hard to get caught up in the small things of life. What are we missing? What are we worrying about? Why aren't things happening? So this is where that song came from. I really reacted to one of my teachers "Sadhguru" He asked someone from the crowd to point to another person in the room. That person reacted and pointed to another person and then Sadhguru pointed out how that was wrong. We see experience through ourselves. When we look at another person what is happening is that that image is reflecting back into our heads, getting turned upside down and that is how we process that person. All in all our experience is within only. Our thoughts and our actions and whether we think them bad or good. All this is only defined by what we think. I so reacted to this and therefore a song came and it is this song.


I created two different things at the same time
On the left was a perfect representation of the character I had created
And on the right was an open window, which I myself had devised
It took exactly three minutes to create the two
From my point of view I realized it was actually more
It took exactly three months for me to stand at the place where I am now
And I mean three months to the day

I boarded a plane not longer before it the train of thought in my brain
The place it took me I can only hint at the fact that it turned out that way
Touched down at 11 at night in a rainstorm

Caught I wild view of a mountain hidden behind a purple hew
That all but shut off the world that I knew
And I let the darkness take me
Until I was to realize what has seemingly forsaken me

It was a dark night
And I was far away
Yet the bright light
Let me know I was not far away

Upon opening my eyes it was green as it can be
With a pale blue ocean that stretched into the sky before me
And everything was warm
Even the crisp feeling that let me know I was alive

I was alive I was alive

And I made love with her so many times with her
With the rain pouring off the roof
And afterwards we'd listen to our hearts beat with the thunder
We'd wonder how we'd met and how we were one another

And there's been so many times
With my face pressed against the cold glass of a train
Watching telephone poles paint the way
Staring out at round hills
Staring out at those round numbers standing in front of me

It was a dark night
And I was far away
And yet the bright light
In my mind let me know I was not far away

Not far away

Not far away

In Naraha


In Naraha


In Naraha



from Eye Inside, released February 13, 2015



all rights reserved


John Hatanaka Aspen, Colorado

John Hatanaka has been a songwriter and performer for 15 years. Being born in the mountains of Aspen, Colorado and seeking songs in the flames of campfires he has written many songs and has shared them with diverse audiences. He has traveled and played his music in Australia and Japan as well.

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